Every couple has their own unique love story and the wedding ceremony is the perfect time to share it in community with your families and friends.   

Professing love

A carefully crafted wedding ceremony by Truly Honored Ceremonies allows you to enjoy the process of crossing from a single life to one of being part of a married couple. Your guests become participants in the ceremony and relive your journey that began when you met and brought you to this day of transition and transformation.  Your wedding ceremony will be written to express your values, your style, and your love.

As a certified Life-Cycle Celebrant®, Dr. Barbara has access to many resources such as poems, readings, and sample vows, as well as a knowledge of rituals that can enrich your ceremony.  She can create blended ceremonies for couples with different faiths or cultural backgrounds, combining traditions from each. For couples who do not share a particular faith, a ceremony with overtones of universal spirituality or an entirely secular one might be chosen.

Because federal law makes same-sex marriages legal, Truly Honored Ceremonies is pleased to offer these weddings, for out-of-state couples as well as for those from South Carolina.  You will find a wealth of information on  the FAQs page of this website.  Here’s is a link to laws for obtaining a marriage license in different states.

You may also wish to acknowledge special anniversaries with a custom ceremony that reflects how your love has endured over time.   Once you select a venue for your ceremony, contact Truly Honored Ceremonies to schedule a complimentary first meeting to talk to Dr. Barbara about ideas for your special day. 

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