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Chelsea Johnson and Jordan Harris. We love Dr. Barbara!!

April 30, 2022

We were lucky enough to have had Dr. Barbara officiate our wedding and marry us. We had to change our original date due to Covid and decided to elope just the two of us and she did such a beautiful job with the ceremony. We really appreciated that she got to know us through the process of writing the ceremony and were very touched by her thoughtfulness – she made our ceremony so unique and personal. Her retelling of our love story is something we will forever treasure – she is a gifted writer.
She was easy to work with throughout the process and was helpful in reminding us on some logistical things around the wedding license and application, etc.
On the day of, she was so warm, made us feel so welcome and loved. She took her time during the ceremony, and even had a microphone underneath her mask that was hooked up to a little amp, which was super helpful because we were on the beach (fairly noisy with wind, ocean, etc.). She is such a sweet person, and her warm, kind, loving energy helped make our day that much more special.
We highly recommend booking Dr. Barbara for your special day. We are so happy we did!

Chelsea and Jordan married 10/1/2020 Formal Celebration 4/30/2022

Haley O’Quinn , married on 10/25/2020  Perfection !

Our wedding ceremony was the most magical part of our day, all thanks to Barbara! We stayed in close contact during the weeks leading up to the big day. She gave us a template of the ceremony and let us make it our own. She was well spoken and clear (even with a mask)! We received many compliments about her and one said it even sounded like she resembled a motion picture. Truly angelic. A memory we will not soon forget. Forever indebted to her! Highly recommend.

Michael and Haley married 10/25/2020

Matt and Katie married 2/17/19
Kabrina and Brandrell married 3/24/19
Gigi and David married 4/13/19
Tanya and Jessie married 5/29/19
Laney and Daniel married 6/8/19


The ceremony provided was outstanding and more than we could have asked for. It was beyond perfect!! The personal touches added into our ceremony really made it feel like it was ours and ours alone. I don’t think I could have found anyone more perfect!

Robert and Katie married 9/29/19

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