End of Life Celebrations

End of Life Celebrations, Funerals, Memorials and Ceremonies for Healing

Perhaps the most difficult transition of all is the journey through loss and grief. Ritual and ceremony are important tools to help find meaning in the loss and support from those around you.

CELEBRATION OF LIFE CEREMONIES  As a certified Life-Cycle Celebrant® , Dr. Barbara will conduct a respectful, personalized funeral, memorial, or celebration of life ceremony.  She will meet with you and family members that you invite so that you can tell her about your loved one, sharing memories and anecdotes that truly honor him or her. Perhaps that person left instructions for special elements to be included in the service.  The meeting will not be time-consuming or stressful, but rather will provide gentle moments for sharing and expression. No celebrant ceremony is ever performed without complete approval by the client.

On the day of the gathering, Dr. Barbara will work closely with the funeral director to orchestrate and officiate the ceremony. If there is to be a graveside service or scattering of ashes – again, with your approval – she can conduct that as well.

Loss of health may prompt the desire for a hospital, nursing home or hospice observance.  Many people now are opting for end-of-life celebrations, taking the opportunity to rejoice in their life with family and friends in the weeks or months before their departure.  

PET MEMORIALS  Pets are family members and Truly Honored Ceremonies can help create a sacred space to honor the dedication and love of a cherished pet.  One of the reasons I chose to become a Celebrant was to offer pet funerals for people to openly grieve and memorialize their beloved friends. 

Pet Memorial
                         B Lee Photography

The  celebrant ceremony provides solace and healing while commemorating a life well lived.

Other types of loss all too common in our time include the loss of a job or the loss of a spouse through divorce. A celebrant ceremony can serve as a conduit for support from your friends and family during these difficult times.

Please contact Dr. Barbara at DrBarbara.TrulyHonored@gmail.com if you experience a loss and need help creating a ceremony that is heartfelt and joyful. 

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